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Neighbourhood Guide: Orchard Road

Neighbourhood Guide: Orchard Road

Orchard Road is widely recognised as one of the major shopping streets in Singapore. This is named after nutmeg orchard which used to line it in the 1830s and one of them belongs to Mr. Orchard Road coincidentally.

Larger trees still shades this road offering some relief and protection from heat.

Orchard Road is also known for its extensive network of underpasses. These underpasses connect various malls offering even more shelter from heat and rain. During weekends, the area is loaded with visitors and locals alike.

What to Do In Orchard Road

There are actually many exciting things to do in Orchard Road yet shopping in Orchard Road is on top of the list. The following highlights the best thing to do in Orchard Road:


Orchard Road is indeed a shopper’s paradise. This is one of the most famous shopping streets in Asia and a home to fashion favourites and specialist stores.

Orchard Road is also loaded with many lifestyle choices.

This renowned shopping district in Singapore is highly visited and explored both by tourists and locals. This is packed with shopping malls that agglomerate many international brands.

There are also flagship stores including Zara, Gucci and more.

Impressive Singaporean brands like Charles and Keith that are available in this shopping district. This is a place you can get a glimpse of some local designs.

The shopping malls spread across Orchard Road are highly accessible from the MRT exits. In case you are not really a big shopping fan, you can just appreciate the interactive art designs and sculptures uses in decorating the malls. Decorations and light shows are being replaced from time to time and you will surely be amazed and impressed to look at these.

Dining In

Aside from shopping malls, Orchard Road is also flanked with upscale restaurants as well as entertainment and dining choices for every budget and taste. If you wanted a great restaurant ambiance and relaxed hangouts where you can enjoy great tasting foods, Orchard Road is the place to be.


Orchard Road is not just really renowned for its exciting nightlife but also partying all night. Emerald Hills is a standout area that is worth a visit. Hidden alleyway in middle of Orchard Road is also a home to various bars significantly housed in restored heritage shop houses that attract jolly crowd during evenings.

So if you are thinking about what to do in Orchard Road, the above mentioned are idea activities to do to make the most of your stay. You can even unleash the inner artist in you by attending art jamming in Istana Park. You can also try wall climbing in Via Ferratta Climbing Wall, experience SG Flight Simulations and more.


Now is the best time to visit Singapore particularly in Orchard Road. You will be spoiled with choices on what to do in Orchard Road and how to get the most of this travel experience. Consider all the activities mentioned above during your visit to this leading shopping districts in Singapore.

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